Executive Recruitment

We are specialists – we focus exclusively on senior appointments in corporate affairs, investor relations and sustainability.

We work hard to earn the trust of both our clients and candidates. We identify and assess talent across geographies and from a cross section of different industries.

Knowing our industry as well as we do enables us to consistently uncover the right fit, ensure a successful transition and ultimately an appointment that adds value to both client and candidate.

In addition to executive recruitment, we provide full market mapping, salary and title benchmarking.


Interim Management

We provide proven interim managers across a wide range of communications disciplines. Our interim managers can be in place within days, an often essential requirement when time constraints are paramount.

We are particularly adept at providing solutions which involve a period of internal organisational change or transition. Our internal communications and employee engagement interim network is market leading.

We source only the highest calibre interim management professionals with speed and efficiency. This ensures that each interim manager has been rigorously vetted to ensure they bring lasting value from day one.


Professional Development

Effective professional development and leadership coaching has an impact on an individual’s performance which, inevitably, will produce substantial benefits to their organisations.

Our executive coaches have a wide variety of skills, behavioural techniques and methodologies to enable our clients to improve their performance and effectiveness. Their approach draws on the latest developments in the field of neuroscience.

We work closely with our partner agency, Moss Coaching, which has extensive experience in coaching executives to fulfil their objectives, personal goals and think strategically about their careers.

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