We are specialists – we exclusively focus on executive search for senior leadership appointments in corporate affairs, investor relations and ESG/sustainability.

We all know the difference the right leader can make to an organisation. But we also know how difficult it can be for a company to know if it has truly found the perfect executive: not just the right skills and background, but the right attitude – the right ‘fit’.

Yet the financial fallout of getting an executive hire wrong can be substantial, besides the years of commercial inertia and talent-retention problems that might follow.

As the leading corporate affairs and investor relations executive search firm, it’s our business to foster ongoing relationships with all the best senior talent in corporate affairs and investor relations. We continuously assess not just their skills, experience and capabilities, but the kinds of leaders they are, and the challenges to which they rise. Allied to our network of contacts in major organisations, it leaves us ideally placed to ensure that the best companies get matched with the best corporate affairs and investor relations talent.

The changing talent market for corporate affairs and investor relations

Few professions nowadays require as careful a talent-acquisition strategy as corporate affairs and investor relations. The meteoric rise of both these functions in recent years has created one of the most diverse talent pools in the jobs market – making it hard work for hiring organisations to tease out the latest generation of genuine, strategic executives.

Through our executive search team, we maintain continuous relationships with all the best communications and investor relations executives in the market. That way, we not only know if they’re right for the role you need to fill, we have the personal bond to let them know about your opening, and the clout to persuade them to put themselves forward for it.

We work hard to earn the trust of both our clients and candidates, identifying and assessing talent across geographies and a cross-section of different industries. It enables us to uncover exactly the right fit for each client, ensure a successful transition and, ultimately, secure an appointment that adds value to both client and candidate.

In addition to executive recruitment in corporate affairs, investor relations and ESG/sustainability, we provide full market mapping, and salary and title benchmarking.

Diversity and Inclusion

We have also always embraced the unique role we know we play in ensuring industry diversity. We have worked hard since founding the business, for example, to help drive greater gender and racial equality amongst senior appointments. We are committed to delivering shortlists with a minimum 50% gender diversity; the majority of our successful appointments in corporate affairs have been women; and we have brought more women into investor relations than any other executive search firm. To talented individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, under-represented in both professions, we deliver additional mentoring, professional coaching and career development support. Ultimately, we have committed to interviewing, shortlisting and helping to appoint ever-increasing numbers of leaders from minority ethnic backgrounds.

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