Our goal is to develop senior talent in corporate affairs and investor relations over the whole course of their careers. We believe it’s actually the foundation stone of great executive search: When the best in the industry are getting continually better, we’re delivering better shortlists to clients. And if we can play a part in raising the standards of the industry overall, we can secure better opportunities for the most gifted candidates.

It’s why we regularly meet with leading senior talent in corporate affairs and investor relations to talk through their development goals and offer guidance on how to achieve them. It’s why we focus so strongly on research, careers events, publications, and pushing forward professional thinking: We’re passionately invested in the growth of corporate affairs and investor relations as executive disciplines.

And it’s why, via our partner agency Moss Coaching, we also provide bespoke, one-to-one coaching to executive communications talent on professional development and career growth. CEO Joanna Moss has over 20 years’ experience both in-house and in agencies, in both corporate affairs and investor relations roles, and is now dedicated to advancing the career trajectories of the most promising senior talent in these professions.

Our approach is not prescriptive; every engagement is a unique, client-led process, built around the individual’s specific needs and aims. It can focus on technical skills, personal characteristics, or areas of wider professional development. It might map out the whole sweep of a career or focus predominantly on how to achieve more immediate short-term goals. It can dive into the latest developments in neuroscience – for example, to help you understand your own responses to pressure or how you work best with peers and direct reports – or can be a more pragmatic, process-oriented mapping of your capabilities, help you build a stronger personal brand.

Whatever the approach, this is much more than ‘mentoring’. It’s not a casual conversation, but a systematic process with clear outcome metrics. Structured around incisive questions that challenge your underlying assumptions about your career, we prompt you to reassess your capabilities and career options and, ultimately, build a much more realistic, actionable routemap towards achieving your professional goals. And it’s all based on absolute confidentiality and trust, enabling honest exchanges in a safe place where intentions are supportive.

If you’re a practitioner eyeing up a more senior position, if you feel you’ve become stuck in a rut, or if you simply want to understand where your career stands and how to advance it further, coaching can help you build your personal brand and grow your professional future.

For more information on our offer, please contact us.