When your organisation suddenly needs an interim leader, it’s often a uniquely challenging situation: You need the very highest quality candidates – but at the fastest possible speed.

By definition, the timing is critical: The position needs to be filled quickly to cover a gap until a permanent hire can be found. But there is often a very precise, sometimes highly technical, brief: a key programme to launch, a crisis to head off, a major department to create, or a highly skilled senior leader on emergency personal leave. So you can’t compromise on management quality or subject-matter expertise in your rush to fill the seat.

It’s precisely where a specialist executive search firm like ours can prove invaluable. Through our ongoing personal relationships with high-performing executives in corporate affairs, investor relations and sustainability, we offer a direct pipeline into the UK’s biggest, qualified network of premier talent in these industries. Our evaluations of the available talent – their different skills and experiences, unique areas of expertise and specific personality fits – are constantly being updated, so we can furnish you with a shortlist of high-calibre candidates within days. And because we’ve worked in these industries ourselves for decades, you can be assured that we really will understand the unique organisational challenge you present to us, and will find people who are appropriate for those requirements.

It means you’ll not only avoid wasting time searching for potential applicants, but also interviewing people who will never be the right ‘fit’.

Why you might need an interim manager

We can provide interim hires for a range of reasons and across industry sectors. Some of the most common demands include:

Maternity cover

Emergency illness cover

Technical support during programme delivery

Senior strategic support during major change, transformation or transition

Departmental design and launch

Our specialisms

We have experience placing senior leaders in interim management roles across the full spectrum of communication disciplines:

Corporate Affairs

Investor Relations

Corporate Communications

Internal Communications

Sustainability and ESG

Media Relations

Public Affairs

Financial Communications

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