The transformation of the global IR industry

A pioneering and critical assessment of the new dynamics in IR, where we are as a profession, and the measures needed to further strengthen its reputation

In partnership with PLBsearch and in collaboration with IR Magazine



The Global Investor Relations Revolution Study

As the global leaders in investor relations executive search, Broome Yasar and our US partners, PLBsearch, have produced a series of reports focused on the upward trajectory of investor relations and corporate affairs leaders. This latest study will focus on today’s ambitious and successful IROs who are more influential, powerful, and rounded strategic communications professionals than ever, many of whom have moved into senior executive and business leadership roles – Our industry has come a long way.   This report will showcase this extraordinary revolution.

It will be the first time our profession has come together globally to congratulate ourselves on how far we have come but more importantly the practical steps and recommendations required to further advance our reputation. We’ve already had a significant response to the study and have the support of all the main IR societies/associations on five continents along with numerous high profile IROs, bankers, advisors, and other senior business leaders – all contributing to what will be a great report in our series of leadership studies. 

Key drivers; future opportunities

This study intends to wrap its arms around the full sweep of investor relations’ growth and development in recent years – and provide a serious analysis of where it is likely to be heading in the coming decades. Global in scope, we intend for this significant undertaking to represent our industry’s first ever “State of the Nation”, but with key action points to help to strengthen its reputation.  And importantly, a springboard for catapulting our profession into its best possible future.

As such, the ensuing report will be divided into three distinct sections:

  1. Where IR has come from over the last 10/20 years

  2. Where it currently stands – dynamics, reputation and development

  3. Where the industry is heading over the next 10/20 years – core development tools to strengthen IR – what we need to do as a global industry

Each of these sections will contain thought pieces, case studies, quotes, insights, benchmarking data and analysis, driven by the real testimony of experienced IR practitioners, industry watchers, and IR associations.

For any senior IROs who would like to contribute, we’d value being able to add your views and ideas into that mix.  To ensure your voice is heard, please contact us for more information:

In investor relations, we have often struggled to see ourselves as a single, united industry globally. We believe this is an obvious impediment to the profession’s growth and it is time that we changed it. So, our goal with this research is not just landmark moment of stock-taking for investor relations, but that the ensuing report can be used by you as an invaluable developmental tool.

And ultimately as the study will be distributed to every single IRO, opinion formers in our industry and key advisers it should be a great marketing tool for you and for your insightful views.

Thank you for your support