What next for corporate affairs leadership?

We’ve always prided ourselves on ensuring our clients, candidates and wider corporate affairs and IR communities are kept abreast of the key market trends in our industry through genuinely thought-provoking industry research.

And this has never been more important than during the pandemic which has been one of the most challenging, exhausting yet exhilarating career periods for most communications leaders.

Our series of insight papers over the last few months have highlighted something we have long predicted:  that corporate affairs is finally coming of age with the arrival of a powerful and influential corporate leader with true executive clout.

And in June, we look forward to sharing our latest paper on how the role of chief communications officer is evolving into an incredibly diverse range of exciting yet complimentary directions, from chief sustainability officer, CMO and chief brand officer, to HR leadership, chief of staff, heads of strategy and new, more expansive ‘global affairs’ leadership titles.

The report will better understand why such combinations work, strategies to secure a wider scope and above all profile the business leaders from a communications background who have succeeded in expanding their influence beyond traditional corporate affairs.

All our research points to a new breed of CEO and senior management who understand not just the power of an effective corporate reputation strategy but the challenges of trying to maintain it without a top-tier corporate affairs leader with a powerful communications and policy team alongside them.

Has corporate affairs finally come of age?  We certainly think so.

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We look forward to sharing our next paper with you in June.