Broome Yasar’s Oskar Yasar sees huge similarities yet glaring differences from across the pond – in both directions.

His letter from America showcases these nuances in how we all operate.

With a strong presence in both the UK, European and US markets, Broome Yasar, along with our market leading US partners PLBsearch, has a unique global perspective on the changing dynamics of our industry.

Having worked in corporate affairs and investor relations globally for nearly 30 years, it’s been fascinating to watch how standards and best practice are now on a level playing field between the US and Mainland Europe/UK. It wasn’t always this way and our corporate affairs and IR industries have most definitely come a long way (soon to be highlighted in our new ground-breaking study ‘the Global Investor Relations Revolution’).

But one thing that still fascinates me is the realisation of how similar we are but yet how different, particularly on the notion of individual personal branding and awareness of it. It’s still clear to me how a large majority of our IR and corporate affairs colleagues in the US know exactly how to position their own individual brand and their messaging with full confidence – something that we in the UK and Mainland Europe are still more hesitant about, particularly on how we articulate our own personal career trajectory over and above other strong candidates on the most competitive of IR and corporate affairs shortlists.

Personal branding and awareness of it is a critical part of any professional development and career trajectory – something that we are passionate advocates of as per our paper on the topic:

Your personal brand is what makes you distinct: it’s your unique selling point and makes you enthuse about who you are and what you do.

Personal branding is no longer an afterthought; it’s a powerful leadership enabler!

Oskar Yasar